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5 Character Traits To Avoid When Becoming A Firefighter

I’ve told you how to become a firefighter.

I’ve explained to you what the great traits of a firefighter are.

But have you stopped to wonder what the traits are that you should avoid?

Becoming a firefighter comes with a lot of responsibility.

It also can come with a lot of flair and hero-worship, which can both be detrimental to your firefighting dreams.

Whether you’re a volunteer firefighter or looking to turn it into a full-fledged career, here are the character traits that you should be aware of and avoid.

Image from Art Studio Steven

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5 Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!

As I type this, I’m sitting on three days straight of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more.

With the holidays comes cooler weather.

In fact, it’s been so cool in California that my own family has been using their fireplace for the past week.

It took us awhile to get here—but get here we did!

However, fireplaces aren’t all fun and games.

With our homes becoming packed to the brim with family, friends, and, let’s be honest, stuff, it’s important to ensure that every precaution is being taken with your fireplace.

Take a look at these five fire safety tips for the holidays to see how you can help make your home a safer place.

Image from Mt. LFD

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5 Surprising Traits of A Good Firefighter

Firefighters are known for a few things: their integrity, charitable nature, and their willingness to die for strangers. Their bravery is just one trait among many that sets them apart from the average person, while making them particularly good at their job. Of course, these traits are no secret to the average person. People have a pretty good idea of the amount of courage it takes to run firefighter-1560003into a flaming building, mostly because very few people have any kind of courage that even closely resembles that of a fireman or firewoman. We’ve all seen that big red car speeding own the street, sirens blaring, as they race off to some unknown tragedy to rescue someone once more, and we’ve all realized that we could never do the job they’re doing.

Between rushing into burning buildings, suffocating under the weight of heavy equipment, and being choked by smoke, it’s no surprise that a firefighter job is not for everyone. But what other traits are required of a firefighter? Continue Reading

Flip to any food channel and you’re bound to see some sort of contest filled with a lively host and even more colorful characters. From children hustling around the kitchen, trying to avoid burning themselves as they produce a meal in thirty minutes, to adults entering a bidding war to avoid finding themselves cooking blindfolded with their arms behind their backs, the cooking channel has a little something for everyone these days. And despite my general aversion to reality television, the Food Network has it right. These cooking shows are entertaining, mildly insane, and impressive to boot.

Not being a great cook myself, I fully appreciate what the chefs on these shows go through, but that’s just it—they’re chefs. Professionals of their field. Yet when I recently found myself watching an episode of Chopped, wherein the contestants were three firemen and one firewoman, I admit myself stunned. Not only do these men and women fight for our continued safety, but man-oh-man they can cook.

 As I mentioned previously, in a separate post, the need to maintain a wholesome diet, while reaching a high caloric intake a day is essential to keeping their bodies operating at full speed. Additionally, the meals that firefighters consume in their firehouses are prepared—can you guess—by none other than the firefighters themselves. If you enter a firehouse at mealtime, you’d be prepared to see a kitchen filled with fighters, voices loud and movements bustling. It’s a time of camaraderie, happiness, and a hearty home cooked meal. Continue Reading

Three years ago, on July 3, 2012, I stood in my parent’s kitchen making treats for the day ahead, when I suddenly noticed that I smelled the distinct acrid smell of smoke. Confused, I went from room to room in my parent’s home, checking for a knocked over candle, or flame to claim the stench. It dawned on me that there was far too much commotion outside (considering it was nearly 11:30pm) when it occurred to me that the smell of smoke was not inside the house but outside. Quickly I ran outside, making my way two doors down, where my neighbor’s home was set aflame.

Freshly lit, the flames climbed nearly fifty feet in the air, and the fire trucks had not yet entered the scene. As everyone scrambled for something to do, I watched in awe as the front door of the home was thrown open and the elderly neighbor was escorted out by a short man that I’ve known for several years. The man happened to share a backyard with the woman and was closing up his home for the night, when he saw the flames licking at his back wall. That same man, a fire captain for San Diego County, jumped his fence clad in shorts and bare feet, broke through the woman’s back door, found her, and escorted her to safety. Continue Reading